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Tunisian artist paints on water

This Tunisian artist paints on waterusing an ancient technique of marbling called ‘Ebru’LOCATION: Tunis, Tunisia(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) TUNISIAN ARTIST, ZOHRA ZAROUGUI, SAYING:”This art is not taught in Tunisia, so I traveled and lived in an unfamiliar place to study abroad and learn it. I got a master’s degree in this art, and I returned to Tunisia after years of research and experimentation. I am now trying to introduce it.” Zarougui creates pieces inspired by patterns from old cities in the Arab worldShe sprinkles brightly-colored dyes into pans of oily waterthen transfers the patterns onto a piece of paper or canvas(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) TUNISIAN ARTIST, ZOHRA ZAROUGUI, SAYING:”With fate I had the courage and the ability, I was encouraged and went to search for this art because research and studies do not take days or a month. It takes years of research to be able to bring out the history of this art and its techniques and methods. The experience lasted for several years outside the country, with a lot of courage and sacrifice.”

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