A cottonmouth ate a Burmese python in Florida, Zoo Miami suggests. See X-ray of the meal

You have listened to of the expression, “It’s a pet eat dog earth.”

This staying Florida, the declaring may well have to be tinkered with a little bit.

A python grew to become a different snake’s meal, according to Zoo Miami, which has the receipts to show it.

According to a Thursday Facebook write-up, the zoo clarifies that a python it was tracking was located in the digestive tract of a indigenous cottonmouth, also recognised as an usually deadly h2o moccasin.

X-Ray of cottonmouth that ate a python in South Florida/Zoo Miami

X-Ray of cottonmouth that ate a python in South Florida/Zoo Miami

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Telltale indicator: The python’s transmitter that had been implanted by Zoo Miami surgeons lit up like a Xmas tree on the cottonmouth’s X-ray. Apparently, the meal was consumed in June 2021 someplace in the Everglades.

In the image, taken at the South Miami facility’s animal clinic, you can obviously also see the backbone of the python, which was a juvenile.

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“That is not the only native species that is battling back!” states the publish, which references a diverse Florida wildlife story about a bobcat that was caught cadging eggs from an invasive Burmese python in the Everglades back again in March.

The release also incorporates investigate product about pythons from people from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Assistance. In spite of the pythons’ comparatively huge size, results reveal they are “vulnerable to predation,” they say, but further investigation is required.

The responses part did not disappoint:

“Florida native species built unique.”

“It experienced a tummy ache.”

“Look at this craziness!”

Somebody from the zoo answered several social media users’ burning questions this sort of as no matter if the cottonmouth pooped out the transmitter. (It did.) They also wondered if the cottonmouth was unveiled. (It was and is fine.)

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