Amazon’s Creepy New Alexa Talent Could Be Mimicking Dead Relatives’ Voices

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is set to mimic the voices of the lifeless, in accordance to Rohit Prasad, Amazon senior vice president and hHead scientist for Alexa.

Prasad, during the company’s re:MARS conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, described Alexa’s functionality to “synthesize shorter audio clips” and create speech from them, TechCrunch documented.

In his speech, Prasad discussed how a dead grandmother’s voice could be used to go through their surviving boy or girl a tale at night, according to TechCrunch.

“This demanded inventions where by we had to study to develop a large-excellent voice with considerably less than a moment of recording vs . several hours of recording in the studio,” Prasad reported.

“The way we created it take place is by framing the difficulty as a voice conversion task and not a speech technology route. We are unquestionably residing in the golden era of AI, where our goals and science fictions are starting to be a actuality.”

Facts are unclear as to when the company will introduce the know-how to Alexa, Reuters noted, but Prasad reported its objective is to “make memories very last,” looking at the hundreds of thousands who have shed beloved ones in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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