Australian record set as giant 16cm hailstones hammer North Queensland

Queensland: Tornados one day, 16cm hailstones the next.

A new Australian hail record is believed to have been set after giant ice stones pelted Yalboroo, north of Mackay, on Tuesday afternoon, smashing windshields and drawing the attention of international weather watchers.

The Bureau of Meteorology said it had seen credible footage of hail measuring 16cm in diameter, which would top the previous record of 14cm since records began.

“Giant hailstones in excess of 16cm have been observed in Yalboroo, north of Mackay in Central Queensland,” the bureau tweeted as the storm raged.

Social media was flooded with images of hailstones, some clearly bigger than an adult’s hand.

“That‘s not hail That’s more like a glacier,” Karen Gillick wrote on the Higgins Storm Chaser Facebook page.

Giant hail pelted communities north of Mackay.Camera IconGiant hail pelted the Yalboroo community north of Mackay. Credit: Supplied, supplied.Giant hail pelted communities north of Mackay.Camera IconSome hail measured 16cm across and is believed to have set a new Australian record. Credit: Supplied, supplied.

“Hail this size should be called “Widowmaker” hail,” said Patrick Schubert.

“Holt sh**balls. Looks more like an iceberg. It’s true. Everything in Australia is trying to kill us,” said Kerrie Murphy

“An insurance company‘s nightmare,” added Bret Dalziel.

Footage posted by Christopher Harvey showed severe damage to his car, with the windscreen smashed in.

Giant hail pelted communities north of Mackay.Camera IconChristopher Harvey was caught in the hail north of Mackay. Credit: Supplied

Possible storms are expected to linger over the southeast and central Queensland coasts on Wednesday.

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