A&W Announces ‘Polarizing’ Bear Mascot Will Now Have on Pants In Hilarious Troll

A soft consume company’s joking tweet about its mascot’s garments choices seemingly caught Fox Information with its pants down.

On Tuesday, A&W Root Beer declared on Twitter that Rooty the Fantastic Root Bear would start off putting on trousers.

The put up appeared to be a jesting reference to a the latest decision by chocolate manufacturer M&M’s, which put its “spokescandies” on “indefinite pause” following conservative varieties like Fox’s Tucker Carlson griped that the environmentally friendly M&M character was now sporting tennis shoes rather of go-go boots.

The A&W tweet read through, in aspect: “America, let us discuss. Since 1963, Rooty the Excellent Root Bear has been our beloved spokesbear. We understood folks would discover because he’s basically a 6-foot tall bear donning an orange sweater.”

It included, “But now we get it — even a mascot’s deficiency of pants can be polarizing.”

Contemplating that a lot of corporate figures — like Poppin’ Refreshing, Chester Cheetah and the Geico Gecko — have long opted to go pantless, A&W’s social media staffers possibly believed most persons would acknowledge the tweet as a gag.

But the joke was on them, because Fox News assumed it was genuine and claimed the announcement as but yet another indicator of “woke police cancel culture” operate amok.

Ultimately, A&W felt obligated to explain that the tweet was a prank following Fox Organization revealed a tale with this sensationalized headline: “FUR COAT AND NO KNICKERS: A&W Root Beer is the newest enterprise bowing to ‘woke.’”

Is now a great time to mention this is a joke? 😅

— A&W Restaurants (@awrestaurants) January 25, 2023

As a final result, Fox Organization then altered its headline to reflect the jokey mother nature of the soda company’s announcement.

In the meantime, Twitter users mocked the overreaction to the pantless bear article.

At 10:41am EST, A&W declared their statement putting trousers on a bear to be a joke, to everyone for whom that wasn’t evident.

About an hour afterwards, Fox posted the social media story I screenshotted, reporting it as serious controversy: https://t.co/8GDRRmayIO https://t.co/iRkMxKkhxo

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) January 25, 2023

Unserious. People today.

Also they are some of the most gullible men and women who you should not understand these are obvious marketing stunts. I will say it truly is quite genius for the reason that it is cost-free promoting & model awareness as areas like Fox overreact to some of the smallest/stupidest issues. https://t.co/wuy0t2ttZ5

— Ty Jäger (@TheTyJager) January 25, 2023

Fox News and their “woke police” little bit has achieved this kind of ranges of ridiculousness that they are unable to discern clear satire directed *at them* by a *quickly foodstuff chain*. https://t.co/WHgwULCMti

— Courtney Theriault (@cspotweet) January 25, 2023

Model administrators who modify their mascot in a tweet with the phrase “polarizing” can get the week off and let Fox do the rest. https://t.co/y486JeTJtL

— Eric Columbus (@EricColumbus) January 25, 2023

When will Post be clear about Captain Crunch’s stolen valour?!?! I also saw Fred Flintstone’s nut-sack when he was sliding off the brontosaurus (now named Apatosaurus. nevertheless a different scandal.) Its time for accountability…for the young ones. https://t.co/rDNsrs8uQC

— Spencer Rice (@Spenny) January 25, 2023

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