Bellone surprised about COVID-19 diagnosis but grateful he was fully vaccinated – News 12 Bronx

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone is suffering from mild, flu-like symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19.

He is fully vaccinated and says he was surprised to learn that he contracted the virus.

“So, we took the test in my office, and I said, ‘OK, great. Are we good to go?,'” Bellone says.

His chief deputy says the result came up positive, so they took a second test that came up positive again.

“I’m grateful that I’m fully vaccinated, and the likelihood is it’s a couple of days of flu-like symptoms and then I’ll feel better,” Bellone says. “So having that vaccination, I feel very good about that.”

The Suffolk County executive says that the vaccine is not 100% effective but that shouldn’t give skeptics reason to discount it.

“But that does not mean the vaccine itself doesn’t work,” Bellone says. “In fact, I know it’s protecting me right now from potentially worse symptoms or potentially going to the hospital.”

Bellone says his wife and three children all tested negative and none of his close contacts have tested positive at this point.

He encourages anyone who is eligible to receive their booster shot.