Few arrive household to uncover 80 tyres dumped on their driveway by fly-tippers

Hugh Cunningham and his wife Diane returned home to discover the mountain of tyres - KMG/SWNS

Hugh Cunningham and his wife Diane returned residence to explore the mountain of tyres – KMG/SWNS

An aged few arrived dwelling to find out 80 tyres experienced been dumped in their driveway, and now encounter having to shell out to get them removed.

Hugh Cunningham, a retired historian, and his spouse Diane, a psychotherapist, returned dwelling to their village in Higher Harbledown, around Canterbury, on Saturday just after going to mates to uncover the mountain of tyres.

Canterbury Town Council are refusing to distinct absent the fly-tipped rubbish, professing it was remaining on non-public land, so the couple will have to pay a significant sum to have it taken off.

The tyres, which were dumped in between 7pm and midnight, lie in entrance of the Cunninghams’ rear drive major on to Roman Highway, and are preventing the gate from opening absolutely.

It has produced “a substantial inconvenience” for the pair, who have lived in the village for 42 years.

The tyres were dumped in front of the Cunninghams’ rear drive preventing the gate from opening fully - KMG/SWNS

The tyres have been dumped in front of the Cunninghams’ rear drive preventing the gate from opening absolutely – KMG/SWNS

Mr Cunningham, 81, mentioned he has been left “upset” by the incident and doesn’t desire it on anyone else.

I haven’t counted them all specifically, but I imagine there could be about 80. I was offended and astonished when I saw it.”

He additional: “I was upset – I just thought ‘how can anyone do that?’ How degrading of the natural environment.

“It’s a blemish on the land. I hope they by no means do this again and don’t do this to anybody else.”

Mrs Cunningham, 76, extra: “It’s upsetting, incredibly bothersome, a real stress and will be really expensive to go.”

She reported that fly-tipping is an ongoing situation alongside the highway.

Enforcement officers viewing internet site

“It’s all distinctive varieties, we see fridges, building supplies, and also just folks with coffee cups and baggage who certainly just chuck them out the window.”

A spokesperson for the local authority stated it was informed of the incident and its enforcement officers will be checking out the web page to examine, together with checking regional CCTV and talking to inhabitants for any details they may perhaps have.

“As this is non-public land, it is for the operator to distinct what has been dumped.

“We will actively pursue any proof we locate and prosecute if we maybe can, and in a single new effective courtroom situation, we have been ready to safe £500 in compensation for a landowner who was the victim of a fly-tipping incident,” the spokesperson included.

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