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Opinion: Showing an actual death from COVID-19 on TV might be too much, but giving a platform to someone like Victor Ruiz should not be.

Last week I had occasion to speak with a doctor – a warm, generous, caring woman – who said, “I wish they would put the last moments of a person dying of COVID-19 on TV. The horror of watching someone suffocate from the inside out, with us unable to do anything more for them. I can’t imagine we’d have as many unvaccinated people as we do if that was available.”

Of course, we won’t do that.

It would be cruel.

At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

But that is only because we confuse something that is shocking and disturbing with something that actually is cruel.

What’s cruel, in fact, are the talking heads on outlets like Fox News preaching about “freedom” in a way that causes gullible individuals to pass on vaccinations and end up in the hospital, the ICU or the morgue.

A tragic view from the frontlines

Still, for must of us, showing an actual death from COVID-19 might be too much. But giving a platform to someone like Victor Ruiz should not be.

Ruiz is a respiratory therapist who posted a short, heartbreaking thread on Twitter about what it’s like to do his job. It ends with the line, “How free are u strapped to a bed, hooked up to a machine and paralyzed. Able to feel and not be able to scream?”

You can feel his frustration.

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You can understand through his brief note the difficulty of the jobs being done each day by frontline hospital workers. The doctors, nurses, therapists and more. It was bad enough for them before there was a vaccine, and the hospitals were overflowing with desperate and dying patients and their families.

Imagine their frustration level now, when there is a vaccine, and so many of the individuals they are treating have refused to get it.

Is this what you call ‘freedom’?

Ruiz put it this way:

Last night I had to take a patient off the ventilator again. I stood by his bedside as the family said goodbye over the IPAD. I listened to their goodbyes. The “thank you for keeping us safe when we got lost in the woods”. The “Thank you for being the best Dad.” I pushed out of my mind the realization this human being that was so loved and cherished wasnt vaccinated. In this moment it was just compassion. I held his hand as they spoke so he would think they were in the room … then I took him off the ventilator. Mind you, I have other patients so I’m now expected to go right back to work. Thats why I didnt write this until this a.m. Now that I let myself think, feel and react I am angry. Angry that I’ve had to do that too many times to count. Angry it happens so often I can’t remember all the names. Angry people like @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews will tell people its their “FREEDOM” that is at stake and they shouldn’t get vaccinated. Freedom? How free are u strapped to a bed, hooked up to a machine and paralyzed. Able to feel and not be able to scream? #quote #love #facts

Put that guy on TV.

Save lives.

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