Furious Deontay Wilder complains about Tyson Fury’s gloves after past cheat claims – Diverse Bulletin

The volatile build-up to the heavyweight title clash between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder has taken another twist after the latter complained about the gloves the British fighter is using for their trilogy bout. The American was stopped by Fury in the pair’s last bout in February 2020, but has since accused ‘The Gypsy King’ of cheating and having “something the size and the shape of an egg weight,” in his gloves.

Fury has been dismissive of the claims, and has now riled up ‘The Bronze Bomber’ further by opting to use exactly the same make this time around.

During the mandatory glove inspection with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) officials on Friday, Wilder’s team complained over the horse hair that is used as padding inside Fury’s gloves.

Both fighters have been given four pairs of the same gloves to choose from, with one glove from each set cut open by officials in order to prove that nothing untoward has been inserted into gloves, and that all padding is legitimate.

Fury’s gloves have been deemed acceptable but Wilder still isn’t satisfied, claiming the horse hair allows Fury to separate it if he squeezes his gloves together, therefore reducing the amount of padding.

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Wilder didn’t stop there, going as far to explain his theory and admitting to trying to “educate” officials on the matter.

“What happened was Fury’s glove that he’s chosen, which is the same thing he had last time, had little to no padding. The rest of it was horse hair, we thought horse hair was illegal and out of the question but they said it was (alright), so we said cool,” he continued.

“They opened up my glove and my glove padding is at least two to three inches thick. His glove looks like they’ve already been used, already folded, bended, like they’ve been thrown in the trash and got back out and say, ‘we’re gonna reuse these’.

“My argument was that this is not enough padding in these gloves. They were trying to convince me the horse hair in the gloves makes up for everything because the horse hair is actually harder than the foam. I was trying to educate him (an NASC official) on it. One of the guys was trying to say the gloves bend at a 90 degree angle. I had to take my glasses off and look at him so they knew I was real.”

Wilder also revealed that he has changed his gloves and will be using a pair of Everlast MX as he bids to beat Fury, 33, for the first time in three attempts.

“Everybody knows about the MX, those are puncher’s gloves, when they first came out I was breaking eye sockets, breaking wrists, I even broke my hand a couple of times but I think my hand wraps were too tight and I have so much power that all that force was going in one place and cracking my own hands. So I went back to my old MX to be on fair playing ground,” he added.

“We got it all situated. We’re back at it, I’m very happy with what’s going on with the gloves. Since they want little to no padding in the gloves, we’re going to have the same thing and may the best man win.”

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