Johnny Depp, Jeff Beck Accused Of Thieving Lyrics From Black Poet Incarcerated In The ’60s

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck’s new album “18” acquired minimal praise upon its mid-July launch, but reviews are now getting a backseat to accusations of thievery — as their “Sad Motherf**kin’ Parade” music shares many lines with a 1960s poem remaining uncredited in the liner notes.

The “Hobo Ben” poem in query was prepared by Slim Wilson, a Black vagabond who was convicted for murder and was later incarcerated for armed theft, in accordance to Rolling Stone. Wilson achieved American folklorist Bruce Jackson in 1964 although Wilson was in the Missouri State Penitentiary.

Though Wilson’s actual name continues to be a mystery, Jackson claimed he was “one of the greatest narrators” he’d ever appear throughout. Jackson highlighted “Hobo Ben,” among many other toasts and poems of Wilson’s, in his 1974 book “Get Your Ass in the Drinking water and Swim Like Me.”

Wilson executed his operate for Jackson’s 1976 album of the identical title, only for “Hobo Ben” to make a astonishing comeback decades later on. Jackson, now a distinguished professor at the College of Buffalo, believes Depp and Beck entirely “ripped” them off.

Depp and Beck’s song consists of quite a few traces of Wilson’s, which includes “‘Cause if the Man appear you make a unfortunate motherfuckin’ parade” “I’m raggedy, I know, but I have no stink” “God bless the woman that’ll buy me a consume,” and “What that funky motherfucker genuinely wants, boy or girl, is a bath.”

“The only two strains I could uncover in the full piece that [Depp and Beck] contributed are ‘Big time motherfucker’ and ‘Bust it down to my amount,’” Jackson told Rolling Stone. “Everything else is from Slim’s functionality in my e-book.”

“I’ve hardly ever encountered anything like this,” extra Jackson. “I’ve been publishing things for 50 a long time, and this is the 1st time anybody has just ripped anything off and set his own name on it.”

While Jackson gave every individual he interviewed in jail an alias to shield them from possible strife with wardens, he believes Depp and Beck had a lawful responsibility to credit him, Wilson, and the copyrighted performs that the lyrics appeared in.

His son, Michael Lee Jackson, stated the liner notes “do not reflect the actual authorship of individuals lyrics,” according to The Guardian. The father and son are now taking into consideration feasible authorized motion from Depp and Beck.

“It’s just not plausible, in my viewpoint, that Johnny Depp or any person else could have sat down and crafted individuals lyrics with no practically wholly having them from some version of my father’s recording and/or book where they appeared,” said Michael Lee Jackson.

A spokesperson for the “18” album has given that instructed Rolling Stone that they’ve initiated an “enquiry relating to the music ‘Sad Motherfuckin’ Parade’” to choose if “additional copyright credits will be extra to all types of the album.

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