Journalists recognize Russian soldier who bragged to his wife about killing civilians

Dmytro Ivanov is a Russian who bragged to his wife about the killings of civilians in Ukraine

Dmytro Ivanov is a Russian who bragged to his wife about the killings of civilians in Ukraine

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In accordance to SBU, Russian troops are struggling from psychological consequences of the atrocities they have out in Ukraine. Their wives are getting to be audibly scared of the kind of folks their husbands are turning into.

“I can acquire a particular person and then ‘bam’ – (shoot them) in the head, from a equipment gun, or a Kalashnikov (assault rifle), mowing down a hundred people in 1 go,” the soldier can be listened to indicating in the recording.

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“You really don’t believe that me? Nastya, I’ve become a f***wit, I’m f***ed in the head…”

“Civilians – I would throw civilians in trenches I shot all of them in their heads, killing them they cried, pleading (for mercy) – I nevertheless shot them.”

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Citing SBU resources, Ukrainian information outlet Ukrayinska Pravda reported that the Russian soldier in query is Dmitriy Gennadiyevich Ivanov, born in 1995. According to his social media accounts, he life in Kupsola, in Russia’s Mari El Republic. On his VKotankte (Russian social media network) webpage, Ivanov types himself as Dmitriy Tumanov. The uniform he can be seen carrying in some pictures indicates he graduated from the Kazan Tank Command Increased University.

The investigation has recognized Anastasia Korotkova as the woman Ivanov was talking with in the SBU’s intercept. Her VKontakte web page has photographs of hers and Ivanov’s 2020 wedding.

On April 14, Ukraine’s Parliament regarded Russia’s steps in the war towards Ukraine as genocide, putting the duty of the act on Russian troops and their army and political management.

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