Locals startled as Joe Biden’s bulletproof limo ‘the beast’ rocks up at UK petrol station – Diverse Bulletin

The President arrived in the Scottish capital ahead of attending the COP26 summit in Glasgow between October 31 and November 12. And in an impressive moment for Edinburgh locals, the US leader’s very own limo turned up at a petrol station to get filled up.

Nicknamed ‘the beast’, the 78-year-old’s limo is bulletproof to protect the President in the event of an attack.

According to Edinburgh Live reports, Mr Biden will be staying in the city but travelling to Glasgow by limo every day.

Specifically, the US President is said to be living in the Dalmahoy hotel on the outskirts of the city, which is surrounded by a large golf course and has close transport links to both Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport.

Onlookers at the BP Sighthill petrol station in Edinburgh were surprised to see ‘the beast’ arrive for a refuel.

Security for Mr Biden has been mammoth, with the US pulling out all the stops to protect the President.

A massive 20-car motorcade was seen heading from the airport through to Glasgow as he arrived in the city.

But for all the security in place, it seemed the President could not keep his eyes open during one speech at the summit.

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But Twitter users were quick to comment on the 78-year-old’s apparent feeling of boredom at the event.

Twitter user @JoanHenry7 slammed: “The camera had to shift off Joe Biden pretty quick, as he closed eyes for a few moments too long.

“Poor bloke. I hope he’s got a lift home.”

While @PortisRedux mocked: “Biden must be really bored!”

Others were sympathetic towards the current US leader.

@SirAtkinson Tweeted: “As much as you want to lay in to him about this, I can’t imagine how tedious these are.”

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