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The November 5 Animal Crossing update is one of the biggest to arrive on Nintendo Switch since the game launched back in 2020.

There will be both a free update for everyone to download and the new Happy Home Paradise that is the game’s first paid DLC.

For those who might have missed its special Direct presentation, HHP adds Lottie and the Paradise Planning team to the Nintendo Switch experience.

In your new role, you’ll travel to a chain of new islands where you can design vacation homes, decorate island facilities like schools and restaurants, and discover new ways to create and personalise vacation homes for clients.

A message from Nintendo explains the pricing, telling fans before launch: “Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise launches on November 5 and can be purchased for a one-time fee of $24.99.

“The paid expansion is also supported as a complimentary feature of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, the new membership plan of Nintendo Switch Online that includes the base Nintendo Switch Online membership, plus additional benefits like access to Nintendo 64 games and SEGA Genesis games.

“Members can download Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise for free and play while they maintain an active membership. An Individual Membership will cost $49.99 for 12 months, while a Family Membership will cost $79.99 for 12 months.”

But the important thing that has been confirmed since its announcement is that Nintendo doesn’t plan to release any more paid DLC for New Horizons.

HHP will be the first and the last to launch on the Nintendo Switch for Animal Crossing, following confirmation being shared with IGN.

But another more disappointing point that was raised is that both the DLC and free update will be the last major content releases for New Horizons, following a drip feed of content over previous months.

These are the Animal Crossing New Horizons features coming as part of the free update:

Brewster will open a cafe: Something new is coming to a corner of the museum. The quiet proprietor Brewster will open the Roost after you fulfil a certain favor for museum director Blathers. The Roost is a new location to take a relaxing break in and enjoy some hand-selected coffee. You may run into some island residents here, too.

Take a boat tour with Kapp’n: Kapp’n hangs out at the pier and will take you to one of the remote islands on his boat. The sea shanty he serenades you with along the way is also part of the fun! You may arrive at islands with mysterious flora that’s never been seen before, or islands with different seasons and times of day.

Unearth gyroids: So far, fossils could be dug up from the ground, and now you can also find gyroids. Each gyroid plays unique sounds. You can also customize them to match their surroundings when you place them.

Shop at the open market on Harv’s Island: Harv’s Island is undergoing a renewal. With a little help from his friend Harriet, Harvey is inviting some shops to the island for an open market. Contribute Bells to the cause to help make it happen.

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