PS4 and PS5 latest – Diverse Bulletin

First Class Trouble is down for some gamers tonight who are reporting problems with joining games.

The good news is that developers Invisible Walls knows about the problems and is trying to fix them across PS4, PS5 and Steam.

The latest on the situation is that players are struggling to join games and continue into matches against other players.

A message from invisible Walls reads: “We are investigating lobbies getting stuck in matchmaking right now.”

However, there is currently no ETA on how long First Class Trouble servers will be down.

First Class Troubles launched earlier today and is currently available to download for free using a PS Plus subscription on PS4 and PS5.

The game is also available on Steam, leaving just Xbox and Nintendo the main platforms without access.

The game is First Class Trouble and could provide the perfect way to prepare for Among Us in December.

That’s because First Class Trouble is a Hidden Identity Game that shares a lot in common with the popular InnerSloth title.

One of the big differences is that First Class is built in a 3D game world that pits humans against androids.


“At the beginning of each game, you’ll be randomly assigned the role of either Resident or Personoid. Residents are human passengers, and Personoids are mechanically engineered assistants whose programming has been overwritten.

“Although everyone plays together, you’ll have different objectives to complete depending on your role. Here you’ll have a crucial decision to make: collaborate or deceive?

“For Residents, your main goal is to shut down the rogue A.I. at the heart of the Alithea. To reach C.A.I.N., you’ll need to collect three keycards to progress to the next level deeper inside the ship.

“For Personoids, your main goal is simple: stop the Residents from succeeding at all costs. That means lying, tricking, and ultimately ridding the ship of those pesky humans. Despite the many potential perils in the game (and there are a lot), deception is arguably the most deadly weapon to wield in First Class Trouble. Who can you trust?”

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