Seth Meyers Is Unquestionably Repulsed By New Assert About Ron DeSantis

Seth Meyers expressed his disgust on Thursday at a new report on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) “weird consuming routines.”

In accordance to The Daily Beast, a former DeSantis staffer claimed the probable 2024 GOP presidential candidate “would sit in meetings and try to eat in front of persons … like a starving animal who has hardly ever eaten just before … getting shit all over the place.”

A single time, per the story, DeSantis ate a cup of chocolate pudding with 3 fingers.

“You ate pudding with your fingers? Which is not incredibly DeSanitary,” Meyers cracked. “You don’t get to use your fingers to take in pudding. Listed here are the rules: If you have pudding, but you really don’t have a spoon, then you really do not have pudding.”

“You ought to take in extra like Donald Trump,” he added. “If you were on a airplane subsequent to a guy who was fingerblasting Swiss Overlook and requested to move and the flight attendant reported, ‘The only open seat’s subsequent to a dude having KFC with a knife and fork,’ you’d say: ‘Yeah, I guess in this case it beats the pudding dude.’”

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