Spring Returns – The New York Situations

I like to be up when it’s dim in the morning, to move sleepily close to in the darkish, functioning and sipping coffee and listening to audio undistracted. I keep the lights off, which keeps the visible sounds off. Outside, only the moon, it’s possible 1 neighbor’s tv flashing blue and green on the residing room wall.

My preference for the pre-dawn is not authentic, but it is deeply felt. I’m thinking about these deeply felt tastes, the minor issues we enjoy and loathe, and how just about every on its possess is insignificant but, when taken in aggregate, they make the entire of a identity.

I bought into a joking to-and-fro with a mate this 7 days about daylight conserving time. When we “spring forward,” she argued, it normally takes her weeks to regulate, to end feeling rushed in the mornings, to get around obtaining “lost” an hour. She gets this shed hour as a harbinger of summer time, her the very least preferred time of calendar year, its heat and humidity. I performed the smug victor, delighting in my excess hour of early morning darkness and its complementary hour of evening light-weight.

I generally stumble throughout this list of Susan Sontag’s likes and dislikes, a quirky assemblage of the mundane and the incredible:

Matters I like: fires, Venice, tequila, sunsets, infants, silent movies, heights, coarse salt, best hats, big longhaired dogs, ship models, cinnamon, goose down quilts, pocket watches, the odor of newly mown grass, linen, Bach, Louis XIII home furniture, sushi, microscopes, big rooms, boots, drinking water, maple sugar candy.

Items I dislike: sleeping in an condominium by yourself, chilly weather, partners, soccer game titles, swimming, anchovies, mustaches, cats, umbrellas, remaining photographed, the style of licorice, washing my hair (or owning it washed), donning a wristwatch, offering a lecture, cigars, creating letters, taking showers, Robert Frost, German food stuff.

Every merchandise taken alone could be handed off as a caprice, but in the listing, there are clues to the individual — a individual who likes babies but dislikes partners, who likes the scent of mowed grass and dislikes the cold. (A fellow vernal equinox partisan, most likely?) Absent any explanation, the that means of the listing is malleable.

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