Stephen Colbert Spots New Trump Assert ‘So Crazy’ Even Sean Hannity Was Baffled

Stephen Colbert spotted what might have been the wildest moment in a Donald Trump job interview. His comment was definitely bizarre ― even by the previous president’s requirements ― and it wasn’t even the a person getting all the interest.

“That’s so mad, he puzzled Sean Hannity,” Colbert claimed. “And Sean will come pre-baffled.”

“At this level, he’s just throwing out magnetic conspiracy theories at the fridge to see what they spell out: ‘Um, possibly they ended up on the lookout in my basement for the Sasquatch who shot JFK with Hunter Biden’s laptop with his companion the chupacabra who hung Jeffrey Epstein with Barack Obama’s lengthy-form birth certification chemtrails.’”

See additional in his Thursday evening monologue:

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