Swiss scrap jab proselytiser rewards plan

Switzerland is hoping to raise its relatively low coronavirus vaccination rate with a raft of new initiatives but one of the more eye-catching proposals will not be among them.

A country-wide vaccination week will take place from November 8 to 14, the government announced on Wednesday in Bern.

To date just under 61 per cent of the total population has been fully vaccinated.

By contrast, in neighbouring Germany the figure was more than 65 per cent.

The vaccination initiative includes an information campaign targeting all media and funding for more mobile vaccination centres.

People who are still uncertain or have concerns about getting the jab are to be offered individual consultations with medical professionals.

The government has earmarked 100 million Swiss francs ($A147 million) for this.

However, Health Minister Alain Berset’s idea of rewarding people who convince others to vaccinate with a voucher worth 50 francs, to be used for example in a restaurant, was rejected due to low levels of support for the policy in the cantons.

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