Tom Hanks Nominated For Two Awards For Bad Acting

Tom Hanks could be up for some acting awards, but not necessarily ones he wants.

The two-time Oscar winner is now up for two Razzie Awards, which are annually given out to the year’s worst movies and acting performances.

Hanks made the cut in two Razzie categories: “Worst Actor” for his performance as Geppetto in Disney’s “Pinocchio” and “Worst Supporting Actor” for his role as Col. Tom Parker in the otherwise critically-lauded biopic, “Elvis.”

But Hanks isn’t the only famous face up for the dubious honors. He will be competing in the “Worst Actor” category against Machine Gun Kelly in “Good Mourning,” Pete Davidson for his voice-over role in “Marmaduke,” Jared Leto in “Morbius,” and Sylvester Stallone in “Samaritan.”

In the “Worst Supporting Actor” category, Hanks will be competing against Davidson again for his cameo role in “Good Mourning,” along with his co-star Mod Sun, and Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams in “Blonde.”

Other nominees in other categories include:

Worst Picture
“Good Mourning”
“The King’s Daughter”

Worst Actress
Ryan Kiera Armstrong, “Firestarter”
Bryce Dallas Howard, “Jurassic World Dominion”
Diane Keaton, “Mack & Rita”
Kaya Scodelario, “The King’s Daughter”
Alicia Silverstone, “The Requin”

Worst Supporting Actress
Adria Arjona, “Morbius”
Lorraine Bracco (voice only), “Pinocchio”
Penélope Cruz, “The 355”
Bingbing Fan, “The 355” and “The King’s Daughter”
Mira Sorvino, “Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend”

Worst Remake/Rip-off/Sequel
Both “365 Days” sequels: “365 Days: This Day” and “The Next 365 Days”
“Jurassic World Dominion”

The 43rd Razzie Awards will be announced March 11, one day before the Academy Awards honors the year’s best films and performances.

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