‘Why did you come?!’ MEP explodes at Polish Prime Minister in tense EU Plenary clash – Diverse Bulletin

Pro-Euroean Union Green/European Free Alliance MEP Damian Boeselager delivered a quick but brutal put down of Mateusz Morawiecki and demanded to know why he turned up to the European Parliament when he appeared to take great issue with the bloc’s institutions. Mr Boeselager wanted to know whether Mr Morawiecki’s appearance at the plenary was to appeal to the far-right and eurosceptics in Europe to win over their cheers and applause. The tense meet between Mr Morawiecki and Ursula von der Leyen appears to have done little to thaw relations between the two powers as the leaders continue to bump heads over local and international law supremacy.

The Polish Constitutional Court ruled on October 8 that its rules superseded EU law – a finding Ursula von der Leyen has branded “deeply concerning”.

In a letter written to the EU leaders, Mr Morawiecki accused the bloc of “punishing” and “starving” his country, with threats to withhold £48billion of Covid recovery funds if they failed to bend to the EU’s will.

Mr Morawiecki said: “We ought to be anxious about the gradual transformation of the union into an entity that would cease to be an alliance of free, equal and sovereign states and instead become a single, centrally managed organism, run by institutions deprived of democratic control by the citizens.

“The language of financial blackmail, punishment, ‘starving’ of unsubordinated states, undemocratic and centralist pressures do not have a place in European politics. Such language strikes not only at individual states, but the entire community.

“Unfortunately, today we are dealing with a very dangerous phenomenon whereby various European Union institutions usurp powers they do not have under the treaties and impose their will on member states.”

Mr Morawiecki attended the European Parliament in Strasbourg to defend the law decision and clashed with Ms Von der Leyen over “European centralism”.

But other MEPs were allowed to share their verdicts on Poland’s decision as many ponder how Poland’s decisions could affect the unity of the bloc.

Mr Boeselager was one such MEP and told the meeting: “Thanks for coming prime minister, but I really wonder why did you come?

“So I asked you [Ursula von der Leyen] do under no circumstance, accept the Polish recovery plan and make sure that this tribunal and the judgement are repealed.”

Mr Morawiecki repeatedly stressed the legal issue would not push apart the EU and Poland and it was perfectly manageable to see Poland and the bloc have different legal systems.

Polls show strong support for remaining in the EU with some surveys showing 80 percent support in Poland.

However, Ms Von der Leyen argued the constitutional ruling from Poland challenges the unity of the EU’s legal order.

Mr Morawiecki attacked the bloc for overstepping its authority and said: “’EU competencies have clear boundaries, we must not remain silent when those boundaries are breached.

“So we are saying yes to European universalism, but we say no to European centralism.”

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